WP E-Commerce PDF invoice

WYSIWYG PDF tax invoice for WPEC

Wp ecommerce shop styling automatically generates a tax invoice PDF file and sends the file to the customer attached to the purchase confirmation mail.

Simple user interfaceWYSIWYG Editor PDF Invoice

invoice can be customized like a wordpress page or blog post using the WordPress Editor (TinyMCE) Write your own headline, text, payment details, add your company logo, …

Customize whatever you want without a single line of code.


Ready to use invoice templateReady to use! A working template is already included, just change you Logo and contact details and get started…

checkout field placeholderDynamic Content

add the content of any default or custom checkout field anywhere on the invoice using placeholders right from the editor toolbar.


More Features

  • repeating footer: add a repeating page footer to every page of the invoice. Optionally add the page number to the footer
  • embed graphics: add your company logo or any picture to the invoice
  • Letter or A4: choose your preferred page size
  • PDF Preview: generate a PDF invoice preview on demand
  • CSS styling for advanced users


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