WP E-Commerce HTML mail templates

HTML mail templates for WP E-Commerce & WordPress

For most store owners HTML mails are a basic feature. Of course you want to apply your logo and corporate identity to any outgoing mail.
Mails from the store as well as any other mail sent by WordPress.

default templateThe plugin comes with a grey default template and its ready to start.

The header and footer contain your store title and your contact email address from your WordPress settings.

The default template was generated on behalf of the campaignmonitor template generator
A great tool for newsletter design!
The result looks professional on every popular mail client, webmail interface, smartphone or tablet.
If you have basic knowledge of HTML you can easily customize parts of the template and preview your modifications.

  • change the contact details in the footer
  • replace the title by your company logo
  • add a few lines about your store or your products at the end of the mail
  • add social media links to the footer of every outgoing mail

custom sender address for wordpress mails and wpec mail messagesDefine your company name as email sender instead of “wordpress@yourdomain.com”.

Customize the sender of your store mails or all outgoing WordPress mails.

You can define the name as well as the email address shown to your customers as sender.

template-green1Download additional mail templates in different colors.

The email themes have been tested in major email clients and are ready to use.
Just copy and paste the source code from here to your settings and replace the details in the header and footer according to your store.
You may also add your logo or header graphics.