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    Hi Hannes,

    I recently discovered your plugin and seems to be a solution for me to customize my emails sent to the customers (through wp-ecommerce).

    However, I encounter a problem with the shipping costs. Even the shipping cost column is enabled in the products table (and a shipping cost exists and selected for the order) the shipping cost is displayed as 0 in the email sent to the customer.

    Can you please fix this? Also the shipping cost should be applied per total order and not per each ordered item.

    I would need a fix to display the proper shipping cost. If this will be fixed I would think to buy the plugin in order to customize also the transaction results page.

    Thank you,

    P.S. I use the shipping module from WP-ecommerce Admin together with the wpsc-simple-shipping plugin which enables free input for fixed rate shipping options.

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    Hi Razvan,
    I think you mixed up two different things:

    • in WP E-Commerce you can add shipping costs to individual products.
      These costs show up in the products table.
    • Additionally you can add shipping costs for the whole purchase based on weight, size, price or whatever.
      These costs aren’t product related, so they wont show up in the products table.
      Just use the placeholders outside the table instead and you’ll see the expected result.

    best regards, Hannes

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    Lars Lunde

    I have the same exact issue.

    Email Content:


    wp_wpsc_purchase_logs.base_shipping = 12

    Mail in clients inbox says shipping: 0.

    I do the same thing as Razvan, client completes order -i edit it to add correct Shipping cost and sends the invoice to client.

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    Lars Lunde

    Solved: The problem was that billingData is CACHED. Look for set_transient and get_transient in getBillingData method.

    Since we edit the purchase we want the latest data, not the cached data.

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    Hi Lars,
    This could be a general problem in the plugin architecture:
    I have to cache the data because some calculations of WPSC’s checkout process are dropped after the checkout process, so the plugin isn’t suitable for modifying orders afterwards (yet).
    best regards,

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