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    I bought the PDF Invoice plugin recently and am finding it very useful – especially the easy config/layout.

    I do see however that the size of the invoices produced is very large – 840kb. Is there a way for you to make them smaller?

    There’s not 840kb of data on the invoice so it seems to be including the ‘white space’ on the page or some odd overhead.

    Our previous invoicing plugin used to create our invoices at 18kb including a logo which we don’t use with your plugin.


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    Hi Mike,
    this could be a matter of the embedded fonts. At the moment I’m not going to change this, but I’ll keep it in mind for later releases.
    regards, Hannes

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    Hi Hannes,
    Thanks for considering it for a later release.

    I save the pdf’s so it’s taking up extra space and also being in a rural area I use satellite internet so it’s very very slow to download them.

    For future support requests (if any) should I raise them here or would you prefer them logged over at http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling ?


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    For future request just use any of the two forums

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