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    Lee Brannon

    Hi, I have the shop styling plugin version 2.7 running on my site. In the transaction report email the coupon code is not showing correctly. The form shows:

    Coupon code used: {coupon_code}

    instead of displaying the correct coupon code used.

    The coupon code shows correctly on the other forms. Any idea why this one isn’t working?

    Many Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Hi, The placeholder {coupon_code} is not a standard placeholder. Did you add the field manually to the checkout form or by a plugin?

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    Lee Brannon

    It may have been added by a plugin I guess? I’m using WPCommerce. In that case what would be the standard placeholder to display the coupon code on the transaction results page because then my issue would be solved?

    Many Thanks for the super fast reply. Great plugin, by the way.

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    Currently there is no placeholder for the coupon code, only for the coupon amount.
    Here’s a documentation how to add your own placeholder:

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    Lee Brannon

    Thanks Hannes.

    I added the custom placeholder code to the child theme function.php file but I’m not sure how to display the coupon code used on the invoice. I just have a line reading:

    Coupon Code: coupon_code (as that’s what I called the placeholder)

    Do you know the correct way to get the coupon code entered at checkout to show on the form?

    Thanks for all your help so far – I’m getting closer!

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    Lee Brannon

    Hi Hannes

    If it helps, I added the following code to the functions.php file:

    function register_my_shopstyling_placeholders($invoice_placeholders){
        $invoice_placeholders[] = array(
            'fieldvalue' => get_post_meta( $order->id, 'coupon_num', true),
            'fieldname'  => 'Coupon Code'
        return $invoice_placeholders;
    add_filter( 'shopstyling_editor_placeholders', 'register_my_shopstyling_placeholders');

    but I’m not sure if coupon_num is correct as the invoice still doesn’t show the coupon code. It just displays “Coupon Code: {}”

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Lee

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    Hello Lee,
    The coupon code is not a post meta data, it’s in a custom table of wpsc WPSC_PURCHASE_LOGS and the column is called discount_data.

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    Lee Brannon

    Thanks Hannes. I will see if I can get the transaction report to display the coupon code. If I have some success I will let you know so that we can share with anyone else who needs it.

    Many Thanks

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