I gave my best to keep the plugin as simple as possible. Nevertheless there might be some situations where you need some help.

1. Documentation

First of all you should have a look at the documentation. It contains some useful information for most standard use cases.

2. FAQ

If it doesn’t solve your specific problem have a look at the FAQ.

3. Forum

Third step might be the forum where you post any kind of bugs, questions and feature requests.

4. Personal Support

In case of problems that can’t be solved within a few lines of description in a forum post you can contact me for individual support. I always give my best to solve as many requests as possible, but the WordPress plugins are a time consuming part of my business, so I hope you understand I have to charge a small fee for individual support requests.

Please purchase a support token for $ 45 and contact me mentioning the token number.

One support token can be used for one single support request. Most requests can be solved, but some issues may need several working hours and can’t be handled within a support request.