feature requests

Placeholders for shipping method and options

requested by Wayne in the forum
planned for version 2.1

Invoice timing

Currently the invoice is sent as soon as the order is submitted, without regarding the order status.
I received a few requests to change this behaviour and send the invoice after successful payment only.
Personally I’d prefer a flexible solution, so every store admin can decide whether he wants to send the invoice immediately, after successful payment or manually.

Customizable invoice number

At the moment the invoice number is equal to the internal purchase id of wpec (also called order number)
A few users already contacted me and asked to change this behaviour to use a custom auto incrementing invoice number or send the invoice manually and also add the number manually.
All in one is a single feature because all of the requests are related to each other.


Add a hook for custom placeholders

Greg needs an extra field on his invoice. To make this possible it would be useful to add a hook so anybody can define custom placeholders without modifying the plugin.


  1. Martin Sroka

    is there a possibility to attache the pdf also to the admin email? we need it cause of a fax system order to maxemail.com emails…as that system only accepts plaintext emails or attachements.


    • Hannes

      Hi Martin,
      This is already possible.
      There is an extra option on the bottom of the “Invoice Template” configuration page to attach the PDF also to the admin transaction report.
      best regards, Hannes

      • John Neurauter


        Just chiming in here from MaxEmail to see if maybe there’s another option to help Martin out.

        We only process the text/plain portion of a multipart/alternative message, disregarding the message body. If there were a way to force WPSS to send just a text/html email and not craft a multipart/alternative message, this would accomplish what Martin’s looking to do as well. Is that a possibility?

  2. Hannes

    Thanks for your idea John, I already did some tests with different message formats, but at the moment I’ve a solution that works in all email clients I know (even hotmails Web client).
    As far as I understand Martins request he needs plain text OR attachment, so I hope it will work as it is.

  3. Mark Costlow

    My client’s web site has a large catalog. She wanted the SKU included on the invoice, which WPShopStyling supports for the copy the shop owner receives. However, she also wants the customer’s copy of the invoice to contain the SKU, but the SKU is not an available field. Is it possible to get it added?



  4. Roberto

    I’m Italian and I have an ecommerce site with wp-ecommerce. I saw your plug-in and I find it very interesting, and I’m willing to buy it.

    But let me ask a couple of details:
    – The software is also translated in Italian?
    – The product that most interests me is “PDF Invoice”. Can i watch a video or a series of screenshots to see how it interfaces with the sales of wordpress? You can send it to my email address.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hannes

      Hello Roberto,
      Yes, the plugin is translated in Italian.
      The customer receives a PDF invoice attached to the order confirmation mail, there is no separate message sent.
      Additionally the invoice is stored on the server and can be downloaded from the “Purchase Logs” page of your dashboard.
      The editor to create an invoice is already included in the free version for preview, so you can test desired layout and placeholders.
      I hope this description helps your decision. If you need any specific information just ask.
      best regards, Hannes

  5. Roberto

    Hello Hannes,
    ok i installed your plug-in and I found it very interesting; i decided to also purchase the bundle upgrade, payment No. #14496 made ​​with paypal. I look forward to knowing how to complete the activation.

    Kindest Regards,

  6. Hannes

    Hi Roberto,
    Your order confirmation mail contains two download links. Both of them are zip files containing a readme and a plugin (also a zip)
    Best regards,

    • Roberto

      Hi Hannes,
      yes i’ve found the email and installed the two upgrades. The functions are successfully unlocked, but I can not change anything in the text email and in the email invoice template. The “visual” is white and can not be changed, and also the html. Also if I try to view a preview of the invoice, i get a “500 internal server error”…

      Practically nothing works and I can not modify anything. Can you give me support?

  7. Hannes

    did the preview work before the upgrade?
    If you can give me access I’ll have a look.
    Send me your credentials to hannes[AT]haet[DOT]at
    regards, Hannes

    • Roberto

      No, the preview was not working even before the upgrade. In fact, I thought it was a feature that was activated just with the upgrade.

      I sent you an email with the credentials that you have requested. I hope you manage to solve, thank you very much.

    • Hannes

      Hi Roberto,
      I just had a look, but I can’t see a reason for the problem.
      – Did it work before the upgrade?
      – Can you please try to disable a few plugins to avoid any conflicts?
      – The server performance seems poor. Is it a development system or shared hosting with low memory limit? (or was this just my personal impression?)

      I can give you a temporary webspace for free for a few days, if you want to test it on different hardware.
      best regards, Hannes

      • Roberto

        Hello Hannes,
        i solved all the problems with my provider and your plugin works fine. I configured everything according to my needs and I must compliment you, it’s a really fantastic software!

        I just emailed a couple of requests about specific points. I hope you can give me support soon.

        Thank you and Best Regards,

  8. Joe M


    This is a question about the product… hopefully this is an ok place to ask it.

    Right now both I and my customer receive a ‘Transaction Results’ email. Is it possible with this plugin to still have one sent to me, but have an alternate one (with some of the fields missing) sent to the customer?


    • Hannes

      Hey Joe,
      WP E-Commerce has a transaction report sent to the admin a customer notification for completed orders and a customer notification for orders waiting for payment. As far as I know none of them is sent to both, the admin and the customer.
      Is there anything I didn’t understand?

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