Custom email content for WPSC

Custom email content for WPSC mails

WP E-Commerce has predefined email texts for all kind of notifications in any language you can imagine. If you want to personalize any of these emails you can either reinvent the wheel and use filters and hooks to add your custom content or you make your life easier and use the Shop Styling Plugin.

mail content for store emailWrite your custom email content in WYSIWYG editor for all store emails

The following mails can be customized:

  • payment successful
  • order pending: payment required
  • payment failed
  • track and trace
  • admin transaction report

Writing your own email message is as easy as writing a WordPress Blog Post. You can use the standard WordPress editor with links, images, font styles and other standard formatting options.

checkout field placeholderAdd any dynamic information about customer and order using placeholders

Available Invoice fields:

Products table, payment gateway, payment instructions, date, shipping base, invoice number, total shipping, total product price, total tax, discount, total price, tracking ID

Unformatted numeric fields:

Total price, total price without tax, total tax (can be used for tracking and monitoring)

Available checkout fields:

Billing name and address, shipping name and address, phone number, email address and any custom checkout field you create in WP E-Commerce.