HTML Mail Templates

HTML Mail Templates

The days of plain text mails from your store are gone. Apply your email template to all of your WordPress mails. Add your company logo, apply your corporate design, write legal information in the footer, or add a few service infos.
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Cumstom Mail Content

Custom Mail Content

Modify the content for all of your store mails. Add placeholders for the customer details, products, shipping or payment information right from the standard WordPress editor, as simple as writing a blog post.
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PDF Invoice


Generate a tax invoice and attach it to the purchase confirmation email. Add all customer details, your store logo and any legal information to the document, add payment details and apply your custom CSS styles.
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Transaction Results

Individual Results Page

Replace the standard text on the transaction results page with your custom content. Another WYSIWYG editor with support for formatted text, images and of course the products and payment instructions or success message.

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